Crap…and good

Found out this morning that it’s very unlikely that I’m going to China, and because of that, not going to Japan.
That’s the Crap part.
The Good part is that I can now go forward and adopt that dog I’ve always wanted.

I was looking after Jims dog this weekend, and I can’t tell you how much more enjoyable being at home alone is when you have a stupid dog by your side ^_^

Had the long distance lan party this weekend, and I think all things considered, it worked out really well.
I had a problem with one game, seems I was the only one that couldn’t connect or be connected to, so I just sat that one out.
We played mostly UT2K4 because, well, because it’s violent fun ^_^
Especially the football part, that was cool. Would be cooler with more “fields”, but we only had the demo.
That being said, the game is a little old now, can’t possible cost that much to buy, and it would be well worth it.

We tried Starcraft, but for some reason(not my fault this time) when someone’s machine connected, it lagged out horribly.

I also have to remember that next time, prepare some real food. I think I only had two bags of Clodhoppers and two diet pops.
I need real food…but I wasn’t ill…don’t know how that happened…


  1. flying_squirrel

    Starcraft was weird. I’m leaning towards everybody being hamachi as the problem. There might be ways around it.

    UT2k4 suddenly got really hard to find. It looks like all the game stores have seriously cut back on the amount of shelf space they’re giving PC games, and UT’s disappeared just in the last couple months. With 5 or 6 EB Games outlets in town, I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere, but even so, it doesn’t make me happy. If all else fails, I’m sure I can download it from somwhere.

  2. anonymous

    I suspect the dog is saying roughly the same thing about you. 😉

    Thanks for taking care of her!

  3. anonymous

    BTW: Sorry to hear you got the shaft.


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