Just found out that the local Comic Book shop, Grinning Goblin Comics is closing it’s doors.
Apparently this was rather sudden, as just last week the owner started up a “lottery system” to give away hockey tickets.
Maybe it broke him? They were playoff tickets, and he was mentioning that he needed to sell something like 5000 packs of cards to break even. That’s a lot of trading cards.
Maybe if he had opened it up to; if you spend more than $20, or something like that.
Mind you, for all I know, it wasn’t even that. But being the support kind of person that I am, I always go with the “thing that last changed”.

It’s too bad. That store, and particularly the owner, was the main reason I kinda got back into comics.
The only upside is that he’s got a 50% off sale on everything in the store. Still, it’s too bad that the sale has to happen in this way.

He’s going to move the business to his house, and apparently deliver comics to those that subscribe. Or allow people into his house twice a week to pick stuff up.
Not sure I would want the world knowing where I live and have random comic people just show up.
He will be doing everything online and apparently that allows for greater discounts, but I really just wonder how well this will work.

I wish him the best.

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