It’s good to have friends to be stupid with.
Jim and Doug are friends like that. It doesn’t take much to generally set us off.
The fact that we usually see each other late at night probably doesn’t help.
Cold and Sweet soup comes to mind.
We have been compaired to kids in grade 10. And oddly enough, I think that’s when we all met ^_^
In certain aspects, we’ve never grown up. But when we have to, we can act all mature and shit. We just choose not to most of the time.It seems that my downloading addiction is working it’s way out of my system. I just finished downloading, like, every Douglas Adams book on tape that I could find. Which was actually easy because it was all under one master download. But now I’ll probably go back to anime and the like.
Speaking of which, since next month is Anime North, I think I’ll watch A LOT of anime next month!
And I mean A LOT!
I’m gonna watch all the stuff I’ve downloaded and just never got around to watching. That should keep me busy for a good long time. Not to mention the stuff that I’ve got on DVD that I didn’t get around to watching yet. That’s gonna be a lot of Gundam.
But I’m slowly working my way through the whole ‘series’. I think I only have V and Turn A to complete now. I have ZZ, I just haven’t watched it.
I might even post a little review of what I’ve watched. That should be…ummm…neat?
Stay tooned.


  1. aelfric nonplussed

    Defecation is not a sign of maturity. Hell, even George W can probably shit without assistance. Mind you he needs the Secret Service to wipe up, but that’s another story.And yes you are like Grade 10s when you get together. I know. Of course the difference is I can hit you guys and not go to jail for it!Where did all these pens come from?

  2. SideKick

    OK, so the and shit comment was probably a mistake. But I suppose we act mature in the bathroom. I don’t know actually. It probaly isn’t any better there, just messier.And I don’t know where your pens came from. The pen fairy?

  3. aelfric delighted

    What a delightful concept, the pen fairy. And the only bathroom reference I can think of is the ‘alternate’ sound track for Evil Dead II from that New Years. Otherwise known as ‘Blearrrrgh! Chrreeeesssst! AulauleurrrrrccccchhhHH!’ Courtesy of the Sidekick.I’m going to bed.

  4. SideKick

    Yea, but it was a mature soundtrack ^_^And not one you find on ANY DVD!

  5. Olletho

    so you are saying the three of you together can only act mature when in the bathroom? I’m sure the fixtures are pleased with this.
    Cold and Sweet soup? I don’t want to know do I?


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