Crib Time

Last night was Liam’s first time in the crib.

It’s funny to see that, while he’s almost outgrown the bassinet, he’s soooo small in the crib.
And it gave us a chance to try out the baby monitor, and I’m glad we did as it has it’s little qwirks.

It has a motion sensor pad to make sure he’s still breathing. But, as soon as you take him out of the crib, you have to turn off the base unit as the alarm will go off within 15 seconds, and it’s really annoying. Then, when you turn that off, the monitor handset starts to beep as you’ve gone ‘out of range’. So it’s gonna take time to get used to.

As Tara’s been on the ‘night shift’, we thought that having Liam in another room would allow her to get a little more sleep at night, and it didn’t really work that way. I don’t think it’s made things any worse, just not as good as we thought it would be. But it’s a good start I think.

Now we just have to get the little man to sleep through the night, or at least mostly through the night, or eat only every 4 hours…

One day…. 🙂

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  1. Sonya Cowper

    I remember those days and boy did it suck not getting sleep, but just keep saying…this too shall past! And go Liam go!! Already outgrown the bassinet! 🙂


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