Gotta make this quick, I’m on borrowed time, and the internet is slow as carrier pigon.
Actually, I’m on time that someone handed to me while in line.

Cuba is awsome. Warm without being stupid warm.
People are freindly even. Especially the ones that want your money.
Drinks are free, and I’m taking full advantage.
Food is….foodish. But I didn’t come here for the food.

Ladies are hot, most, but not all. Too bad, but oh well.
One minute to go before computer explodes.

Back on Monday, have to drive from TO.
Ben, N, I’ll be in town Monday, I’ll try to hook up.



  1. olletho

    Awesome… you can pick up your rings then. 😀

  2. sidekickca

    You’ll note that I wasn’t in TO today.
    We decided, for better or worse, that we should drive back to Kingston after the flight.
    Added expense and all that.

    I’ll be in TO soon enough I’m sure though ^_^


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