Customer Service Week

Apparently it’s customer service week here at work.
Not sure what this means yet, so far I haven’t gotten any flowers or anything.
Not even a card!

The weekend was cool.

Serenity kicked some serious ass!
Mind you, I don’t think it was anything over and away from the TV show. It suffered the same from the same thing that the ST:TNG movies suffered from; they were really long episodes.
I had to return a call and I was waiting for the commercial break. It never happened.

Saturday was spent at Zaphods watching some kick ass live bands.
DeadMessenger opened for Turning into Salt which in turn(ha, get it) opened for Kingston Fog. It was KFs CD release party.
I’ve never heard of any of these bands, and if it wasn’t for the fact that knows one of the members of Kingston Fog, I wouldn’t have been there at all.
Really glad I went.
Also makes me think that I should do that more often.
Really, what does it cost me?
$5 parking, maybe $6 to get in, and a couple of beer(or gargleblasters).
Easy peasy.


  1. flying_squirrel

    Two members, actually. 🙂

    You still up for dinner tomorrow? I figure I’ll give you a call around 4. Or, just let me know where I can meet you and when. I’ll just be wandering around the city tomorrow afternoon, anyway.

  2. sidekickca

    Oh, must be the keyboardist(is that a word, or just bad spelling?).

    Anyway, yes, Tuesday is good. You have my cell, and if not, I’m not likely to post it here ^_^

    I’m usually off work by 4:30, unless it’s Thursday, but that’s just because Thursdays suck.

    There’s a new Vietnamese(I know I got that one wrong) close to me if you’re up for that. Noodles!

  3. flying_squirrel

    Vietnamese is always good. ^_^

    I can meet you there around 5, then. Yeah, I have your cell number, but very soon I won’t have phone access, besides pay phones.

    Where is it?

    I’ll give you a call if I run into difficulties.

  4. sidekickca

    Close it work is the best way to describe it.
    But…it’s in the Centrum(which won’t help you much).
    You should be heading West on the 417. Take he Castlefrank exit and turn right. Go past one set of lights and make the next left.
    You should see a sign on a wall for Sushi Kanata, park around there somewhere. Also, the Baton Rouge is there, so part near it.
    Head toward the Baton Rouge, but keep going. Turn right before you get to the HUGE outdoor patio.
    It should be there somewhere.

    I’ll meet you there for 5 then.

  5. flying_squirrel

    Sounds good. See you there. ^_^

  6. flying_squirrel

    Oh yeah. Do you have the tape from Saturday’s show? The guys would like to see it…

  7. sidekickca

    I have the tape, but not transfered to anything yet.
    I can copy it to DVD/VHS, but you’ll have to give me a couple of days ^_^


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