Borrowed a book about dog training from the library.
Does it count as ironic if the dog training book looks to have been chewed on by a dog?

The book pretty much assumes that you’ve had the dog since puppy-hood, which I haven’t, but it also tells me that I wasn’t that far off in my training methods.
With the exception of time and timing.
I was trying to train for 30 minutes straight, and the book suggests 15 minutes, possibly twice daily.
Also, they suggest training before dinner, which I will try tonight.
Right now I’m working on Sit and Down.
Oh, and they mention that I shouldn’t repeat the command too many times(before the dog actually does the act) as it will just confuse the dog. I can already see that happening.
So tonight will be a fresh start on training(as such).

on another note, whereas I appreciate my dogs desire to learn, I don’t think that eating my Linux books is the best way to do it.
If it wasn’t for the fact that it was early in the morning, the sight of the dog with a Linux book sitting between it’s paws would have been a funny, even photographic, event.
But it wasn’t, and the book had chew marks.

I collect my World Cup bet this weekend. And luckily, I have all of Sunday to sleep it off…until the dog starts to whine…

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