Day in the Park

So this was the last of the three full days I was able to spend with Tara and Liam. Since it was such a warm day, we headed out to the local park. Some time ago we bought this bike wagon attachment thing. We used it once, and that was when Liam was really young. To test it out we went around the block, and by the time we were back he was still strapped in, but completely on his side. Not that he was complaining, but still, we haven’t used it since.

Until today. While he wasn’t on his side, he was very slouched down. But again, he wasn’t complaining.

At the park we got out and let him stretch his legs. He took off like a shot 🙂

However, he was a little leery of walking in the sand. Not sure what it was. But he was happy to be up and about.

Our first activity was the swings. He loves swings. We got him into it in the spring, when he didn’t even know enough to hang on. But now he’s a pro. Sure, he still in the little kid swing, but that’s ok. I can deal with that. He still loves it and is all smiles and giggles 🙂

Granted, when you start to take him out, it’s all over. He cries and makes a fuss. The trick is to distract him with the teeter-totter.

He likes that as well, but not as much as the swing. Last was the slide. Now, as he’s only 13 months old, he really doesn’t slide, as much as he’s guided by his parents. But that’s ok, he still loves it 🙂

After all of that, a lot of the day was actually spent in bed. Sleeping. Liam and I are both sick, and this time, Tara is illness free. Not sure how long that’s going to last.

But even with that, it was a wonderful weekend to spend with my family. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.

How was your weekend?

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