Day of Villainy

It was one of those afternoons.
You know the kind, the more you do to get ahead in one area, the further you fall behind in another.
And customers are calling, and I don’t have answers, yet something else is working just find.
Damn, brutha can’t catch a break!

That all changed(sorta) at the end of the day.
Apparently I made it into the City of Villains closed beta!

This is cool, because I then get to see how the games gonna be!
Not that I can say anything about it mind you, not even sure I’m supposed to mention that it exists.
But I don’t think they’ll lynch me if I tell people that I’m in it.
Won’t reveal any secrets.
Really, I’m mostly happy to be in it because I’ll get to see how it plays out and whether or not it’ll be worth buying and paying X/month for.
Probably not in the long run, but you never know.

Just waiting to connect…waiting….waiting….

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Woo! Congrats!

    I’d ask how it is, but I don’t want to get you in trouble with the lawyer dogs. 😛


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