Dead Monitor

Today my lovely Samsung 226BW LCD monitor just refused to turn on today.

Not sure what’s going on, but it’s not doing a damn thing. I changed the power cable and the power location, and nuthin.

Just nuthin.

Worked fine last night, but just not today.

Luckily(depending on how you look at it) I still have one of my old CRT monitors. Samsung 17GLI.

17″ of curved goodness.

At least it does the job for now.

But it’s weird having the monitor up so close to my face.

So the big question is; do I bother to try and get it fixed or just drop the $200 and get a new one?

I’m going to try to get futureshop to track down the original receipt(they might have it on their system) and if that’s the case, then I might, *might*, be able to get it fixed under warrenty from Samsung.

But I should check with them first I guess. See if anything is still covered before I jump through the futureshop hoops.


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