Dead Weekend

Think I watched all the Zombie movies this weekend.
At least it seems that way.
Watched House of the Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead.

Really makes me want to make that movie of mine. But now I have even MORE ideas as to what to do with it.
And I have a feeling that it’s gonna take a little bit of money to pull it all off.
But I don’t mind really, as long as it’s not stupid amounts. Can’t afford stupid amounts.
Found these cool toy guns online, $10US each. Gonna get two if I can get them across the border.
Also have to look up fake blood recipes. Wonder if the Food Network has any ^_^
Not to mention “squibs”. Now this is the real problem. Seems that you not only need a license, but you need a licensed pro to use them. This will cost, so I’m going to try it on my own.
Need to find a good source of caps. Not blasting caps, but good old toy gun caps.
Don’t want to blow poor Doug up. Well, not TOO much anyway ^_^

I should try and get some story boarding done this week. Ben has offered up his musical talent to do a score.

I SHOULD get the stuff that I said I would do done first…

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