I’m not so sure about this show.

On the one hand it has Ian McShane, who is a fine fine actor.
On the other hand, the majority of the cast isn’t fit to wipe his ass.

Keep in mind that this is after watching two whole episodes, and maybe the show has to ‘grow’ on you. But it’s gonna be tough.

On the scale of 100; 100 being Ian McShane and 1 being a puddle, most don’t make it to puddle.

The worst has to be Calamity Jane. Not sure if it’s the character or the actress, or part of each, but I want this person to be nuked.
From orbit.
Just to be sure.

To put it in terms of The Sopranos, she’s Janice. Those who know know.

I will continue to watch because, well, that’s just who I am.
There are glimmers of hope in this show, and the second episode was far better than the first.
That, and there’s Ian McShane. I’d watch him butter bread.
Because you know he would do it with class and a little flair. ^_^

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