Dear World, Stop Suing Big Tobacco, Sue your Government!

In the news there’s another “major blow to big tobacco” wherein the BC Supreme Court has allowed people to sue tobacco companies to pay for smoke related health problems.
Who’s decision was it to smoke?
I smoked for many years, and never once thought that it wasn’t bad for me.
It’s an addictive product, and everyone knows it. It’s common knowledge.
You would have to be living under a rock for your entire life to not know it.
But people continue.
Because they want to!
No other reason!

But people scream “They know the product is bad for people, and they should be made to pay!”
The government allows the product to be sold, everywhere, even with full knowledge of it’s effects.
Money, plain and simple. They make taxes on it, and taxes are good, therefore smoking is perfectly fine. Unless you actually smoke, then you’re evil.

Don’t sue the company that makes the product, sue the Government that DOES NOTHING TO STOP THE PRODUCT FROM BEING SOLD!
They have the power.
Look at cocaine, marijuana, LSD and a huge list of things that are “controlled substances” even though most of them aren’t any worse for you than tobacco.

For the love of God people, take some responsibility for your own damn lives!

This sort of thing makes me sick!

Maybe I’ll sue the Supreme Court for making me ill…it’ll accomplish the same thing.

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