Dexter Finale

I haven’t watched the series finale yet, but my brother posted on Facebook: “WTF Dexter?”

This leads me to think that they’ve done something…odd…with the ending.

And before I watch it, I would like to speculate and share it with you.

1. The last season has just been a dream

Made popular with Dallas, this whole last season was a dream and Dexter was actually shot and killed by Deb at the end of Season 5. How it should have ended.

2. Deb and Dexter switch minds ala “Freaky Friday”

This would be interesting as Deb(body) would die with Dexter(mind) and Dexter(body) would live on with Deb(mind). It could be a whole spin off thing on ABC.

3. Dexter is really just an older Jesse Pinkman

Jesse finally snaps and goes all serial killer later in life. Mind you, this wouldn’t make sense as a series thing as Dexter has this whole “story” thing. I suspect there’s been fan-fic about this already

4. Miami is nuked

Less people would end up dead, I mean seriously.

5. Deb is really the dead one and Harry is actually alive

Boy would this mess up the back story of that other detective…not to mention half of the guys on this show

6. Dexter is Sam and Harry is Al

All is set right, and the next leap might be the leap home


I’m rooting for #6.

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