Dish TV

OK, so, I don’t watch a lot of TV.
I seem to download a lot of TV, but I don’t watch a lot of live TV.
This really isn’t a bad thing, but why am I paying $50+taxes/month for TV?
Sure, with the new fall lineup I’m actually watching stuff, but could I be watching more for the same price?
The answer is yes.
Apparently ExpressView is the same price(well, the one package is the same price) and I can get all the channels I have now plus:
BBC Canada
History Television
Much More Music
Food Network
And a bunch of movie/theme channels like Scream and Action Showcase.


And it’s $50+taxes/month as well.
Sure, I might have to pay more later if I hook up another TV, but so far I only have the one, and really only plan on having the one, so why not switch?

So far, I can’t think of a downside to this.

Edit: Yup, just ordered it. Didn’t take long to make that decision ^_^

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