Dog Days

While I was biking in the basement, I heard a rustling come from upstairs.
As a note, I keep the dog food on the landing from the main level to downstairs. There’s a door to guard the food from the dog, but when I bike I keep the door open.
I also don’t throw out the old bags. I do now.
I assumed that she was getting into one of the open bags, so of course I yelled up for her to stop and she wasn’t.
So I got off the bike and ran up to scold her, only to find her running around with the bag stuck on her head ^_^
The bag was big enough so that she wouldn’t have been able to reach the food at the bottom, but I guess the opening was small enough so that she couldn’t get her head free either.
It was rather amusing, and I really wish I had grabbed a camera before I took the bag off.
But i think she suffered enough.

We also start class tonight.
6 pm.
I think we worked rather well on the homework, but I admit that I could have done more training.
I don’t think we’ll suffer, and we’ll make up for it next week.

Oh and look, it’s raining. Just before i have to take the dog for a walk.
woot….stupid weather.

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