Dog Training

The dog has had this bad habit for some time now. She’ll snag some of her food and then walk to a different location and drop it. And she either eats it or not, most often not.

And it’s started to get annoying. Every morning we would have to clean up some food, not to mention every time we went out. So Tara looked this up, and for a husky, it kinda makes sense. It’s a pack thing, you grab your bit of the hunt, walk somewhere else and eat it. I start to think it’s because we feed her and the cat in the same location(the kitchen). It makes sense because I can’t prove anything 🙂

To resolve it the idea is that we have to confine her into a small space and feed her there. Not too long mind you, like 15 minutes. Well, it’s been a couple of days and this morning she actually finished off her breakfast. Which gives us hope that this is working. We’ll keep it up for a few weeks so that she totally gets into the habit of actually eating her food.

Next on the list is getting her to remember all the training that I had with her in the first place 😉

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