Picked up the new dog Saturday, just like I said I would.
The original one that I wanted wasn’t there, but from the sounds of things, she would have been too energetic for me.
So I picked up her.
I’ve been having a little trouble naming her; tangles, flakey, Shirow, but I think my Mom found the best one, Qanuk, which I think is Inuit for Snowflake, which works with the flakey that I was going to call her ^_^

She kinda sorta responds to that name, unless there’s water around, which I found out today…hmmm…wet dog smell.

I’ve started crate training, which can be a little hard on the nerves, but I’ve seen the results with Jims dog, and it appears to work.
That, and she’s already chewed things and there’s no real way I can keep her in the kitchen(she’s escaped once already).

She’s off to the vet tomorrow for a checkup and probably some shots. I have to keep her isolated for another couple of weeks in case she has something.

I’m watching the world cup. USA is loosing, Japan already lost, which is bad because they’re on my pool.
I think I’ll have to swap some peoples out…


  1. thinkschematwo


    Snazzy lookin’ dog!

  2. sidekickca


    I like her, she’s cute and probably smarter than she lets on.
    That being said, she’s also a bit of an escape artist, so I have to watch out for that.


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