Doggy Crack

I’m not sure what’s in those raw-hyde bones, but it did something a little weird to the dog.
Besides that she loved it, if I made a move in her direction while she was chewing on it, she would immediately get up and run away with the chew. Or try to hide.
She even tried to take it on the evening walk with her.
After the walk, she was only half-way through the chew, and started whining for it.

I have another, and I don’t think she’ll get it anytime soon. Special occasions maybe, and I’ll let her complete it before bed.
That’s why last nights post was so late/early.

That, and I thought she had to poo. Last time she was frantic in the cage, I woke up to a dog mess.
Didn’t want to do that again.
Turns out, she just wanted crack.

Now I know…

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