Done and Done

I finished my Anime Music Video last night.
It’s only been about 4 weeks, but I finally got it done, and I’m about 90% happy with it ^_^
I say that because, there are some points where I kinda got lazy and just put in something that didn’t even go with the music, but I’m not out to win awards.
It was fun, and it reminded me why I liked to do this sort of thing. I think though that next year, I might start just a wee bit earlier.
That, and not buy a house and move in the middle of it. That was a little much ^_^

And one day, when I get net access again, I’ll post a link to the video. It’s about 200Megs, which is better than the 4.1 Gigs it was before I Divx’ed it.

I’m reading in the rules section that there should be 3 seconds of blank space before and after the video. Wish I had read that sooner.
I’ll try to put that in without killing the timing of everything.

Also, it has to be postmarked today, but received no later than Friday, so I think if I mail it tomorrow all express like, all should be good.

I can now use that free time to play video games.

Or arrange the house…depends on how I feel I guess ^_^

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  1. flying_squirrel

    Y’should just upload it to YouTube or something. Nice interface, and it saves you a bunch of bandwidth…


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