Done and Done

All papers signed, all monies given, only thing now is to pick up the keys.
And apparently learn how to type. Don’t know how many typing mistakes I’ve just made…

I should be getting the keys at noon tomorrow, which will give me loads of time to put stuff in the car and have it ready to throw into the house.
Stuff, not the car.
That would suck.
“Hasn’t owned it one whole day and already he broke it”

Then I’m having some people over to see the place before I properly move in.

So Happy!


  1. anonymous

    Now when the wife and I come to visit town, we can crash at your place!

  2. anonymous

    Sorry, forgot:
    Signed — Centurion, Mighiest of the Mighty, now with 75% less chin muff.

  3. anonymous

    Dammit, here’s the ‘t’ I left out:

  4. sidekickca

    So full of the suck ^_^

    But yes, I’ll have a real guest bedroom and everything!

  5. flying_squirrel

    Woot! I’ll have to come up… uh… sometime… 😀

  6. anonymous

    Yeah, like that big gouge on my floor from moving day… FULLER!!!

    Congrats! (but you’re still The Suck.)


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