Oh yea, and I’m done.
Done shopping that is.
Happened at about 11am yesterday in fact.
Now I just have to wrap it all !_!


  1. briar_rose2

    I was 90% done in November! But that’s a problem too. I end up buying MORE stuff than I need to. So I’m saving some of it for birthday presents and the like. I was 100% done on Tuesday. SOMEONE who wasn’t supposed to buy me a present DID; so I had to go out and get HIM something too. I went out with my cousin to the Comic Book Store and Toys R Us, and a few more adult places too. They tried to sell me a plush alien doll for $18! That seems a little steep to me. I bet they though I would think it was “cute” or something! Of course if they had a Queen Alien that would have been awsome. We have the soldier and the dog, so I think that would have completed them pretty well. Sorry, I don’t know how this turned into thread about models.

  2. sidekickca

    Well, I’m making a model over the Christmas break, so it kinda fits ^_^


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