Down Under

Found out today that I’m going to Australia next weekend.
Not the coming weekend, that would just be crazy.

That does mean I have to put the dog in a kennel. Not that it’s bad, it’s just not free.
Jim will be away, Jim’s parents will be away, and all in all, for 5 straight days, it just makes life easier overall to put her in the kennel.

It’s a really nice place. Plenty of space, full access to a yard, play time, the works. She was there once before, and I know she liked it, or at least didn’t hate it ^_^

I just have to make sure they have space. But it’s the winter, I’m sure they do.

I’ve never been to Australia. Too bad it’s a working weekend. With any luck, I can get everything working the first day, and just slack the second.
All in all, the work shouldn’t be that hard.
Shouldn’t. It’s at a customer site, something always goes wrong.


  1. olletho

    neat where in Oz are you going?

    and I need a shipping address for you your rings are done.

  2. sidekickca

    You know, I don’t know where I’m going.

    I suppose I’ll find you closer to next week.
    At least I hope I would ^_^

  3. olletho

    Oz is only slightly smaller then Canada so yes I hope you do. It’s also high summer there right now so it’s a good thing that you probably have a base suntan from Cuba.

  4. sidekickca

    Base Suntan.
    Knew there was something that I forgot…

    Besides, I’ll be spending all my time inside where the sun isn’t.
    And by the looks of the schedule, I might not actually get to see the sun.
    5am-8pm. I think those are the prime sun hours….

  5. olletho

    Holy shit!

    I hope you are making good money for those hours…. you might catch a glow on a horizon.


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