Back from dog training class.
Today we learned Down-Stay.
She did not like that.
There were growls, snarls, and random biting attempts.
Don’t get me wrong, she lied down, and seemed pretty content when she was down there, but I think she objected to being ‘out of control’.
That, and the dogs to her immediate right and left were having similar issues, so the three were kinda feeding off each other.
Not that it really phased the instructor, he knew how to handle this kind of thing.
That’s why we pay him I guess ^_^
She didn’t throw up this time, which is good.

We have new software to play with at work.
Spent half the day cleaning my desk to move stuff around so it will be useful again.
Now that I have 2/5 the machines to deal with, it’s mucho easier.

Wasn’t going to bike tonight, but I think I will anyway. Feeling much more awake after training and dinner.
Then it’s Lost, then working on “art” for my brother.

Also trying to convert some videos into a slightly smaller format.
I have the new Guyver series downloaded, but it’s about 20 megs too large to all fit on one DVD.
That sucks. But three of the files were mkv, so I’m starting to convert them to proper avi and shrink the res a little.
Shouldn’t be a problem to find that space.

Anywho, off to bike so that I can be buff ^_^


  1. sidekickca

    It turned out to be sucky, so I dropped it.
    I’ll try again tonight.


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