Dreams and Reality

I had the strangest collision of a dream and reality late last night.
It’s about 3am, and I’m not 100% sure what I’m dreaming about, something like a doing a tally for a business(just did my taxes so who knows).
Anyway, in the real world, some guy burns out on our street in, what sounded like, a huge muscle car.
It was one of those engines with the loud slow rumbling, sounds like it had plenty of HP.
So he starts the burn out, and it sounds like it’s right outside the window, so the dream kicks into “bad movie mode” and has this car come flying through the window!
Glass shattering, wood splintering, the whole bit. And it was even moving slowly for effect!
I of course woke immediatly because I don’t want this car to land on me, only to find that there is no car in my room, but just burning out outside my window, and is actually now speeding off into the distance.

The brain is a funny thing.

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