Easter Monday

As I stand in my kitchen, it’s just a little after 8. The dog is asleep on her bed and the cat is snoozing on the carpet. Tara is still asleep as she has the day off. I’d be asleep too if I had the chance, but I’m working.

I’ve just gone through the 0 new emails since Friday, and now it’s time to make a ton of updates to my tickets. The tea is ready. Coffee makes a lot of noise to make(all the cleaning of filters and whatnot) so it’s tea this morning.

The weekend was pleasant. It was all really quiet. Since nothing was open on Friday we just puttered. Saturday we took a look at Tara’s ring design and it’s actually coming together. Then babysitting for my nephews. Miles just wouldn’t sleep for us, and that’s 2 for 2 now, one day we’ll get him to sleep 🙂

Sunday was dinner and some painting of dressers. We got these nice ones from my Grandma and we just wanted to repaint them.

Today is quiet, and it seems that the nice weather is moving on. It was hot and nice all weekend, and on a weekend, where you could enjoy it.

I suspect the rest of the day will be quiet, but hopefully the rain will hold off. It’s just grey out there.

Anyway, back to work. Enjoy the day if you have it off 🙂

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