What is it with kids today?
They don’t put any effort into dressing up for Halloween. I would say about a quarter of the kids that I got tonight weren’t even dressed up at all, they were just out for candy.
And no, a basketball jersey over your normal clothes is not dressing up!
I think next year I’ll just tell them to fuck off and come back in some proper costumes.
The smaller kids, they were all cool and cute ^_^
Had to tether the dog to the railing, but she put up with it well enough.

I think for this blog thing I’m going to set some ground rules.
Sure, I have to update every day, but I don’t think it states how long the posts have to be.
So, I think 500 hundred words is what I’ll aim for.
That should be plenty. It should make for some good informative posts. Or, just a lot of really really really really bad posts.
See, that added 4 extra words! This is gonna be EASY!
And the word count is done by Semagic, since it has this nice little word count thingy at the bottom.

Well, off to upload some pictures.

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