There’s this show on HGTV called “Live Here, Buy That” and the general premise of the show is pretty interesting. People take the current value of their home and then see what that will get them in different parts of the world. And it’s not astronomical amounts of money. Well, sometimes it is(at least to me) but half the time it’s around what my house is worth.

The one episode that caught our eye, and imagination, was a couple that had $140K and wanted to know what that would get them. There was one place in Nova Scotia that looked nice, and had 49 acres of land!

49 acres! And a house, for $140k!

That got us thinking seriously about living somewhere else. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Ottawa is a nice place, it’s never been bad to me. But the property value is going up and up, more and more people are moving in , and the burb that we live in almost needs it’s own burb.

I mean, if we sell our place for what it’s worth, we really can’t move up, just kinda sideways. And we’d still be surrounded by people. Kanata is getting really really crowded, and I’m finding myself wanting to get further and further away from them all. And I can’t do that really. It’s just not practical right now. We could move further south, but that would increase the commute to a point where we would see considerable less of each other and of Liam. So that just doesn’t work.

But imagine if we could get a place, somewhere else, that’s roughly half of what our current place costs. And if that place had land so that I wouldn’t have to hear my neighbors phone ring, or dog bark, or anything like that. That would be awesome.

And yes, I know there would be downsides. Places like this wouldn’t increase in value anytime soon. I would move away from friends and family. I would have to see what winters are like elsewhere. But I just wonder if it would all be worth it.

I’ve lived here for 22 years, the majority of my life. And I think it’s time to move on, move out as it were, and start a new life the way we want it to be.

Tara and I fell in love with PEI when we were there for a week, and it’s been calling to us lately. We did fine a place there, for about $200K, with about 30 acres of land. It was two+ stories, had a wrap around porch, and you could actually see the lake from it. By all accounts, just what we were looking for.

Now I’m not saying that we’re going to move tomorrow, or next week, or two years from now. But I think we both have the bug, we both want something better(for us) than what we currently have. And unfortunately, Ottawa just doesn’t have what we want.

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