Emergency Dentist

Started this portion yesterday, todays update is after it 🙂


I’m sitting the in the waiting room at the emergency dentist.

Tara has some tooth problems, and it’s possible that a root canal might be required. That’s not a good way to spend a Sunday 🙁

She feels bad because it’s my birthday, but it’s not like teeth problems make appointments ahead of time, so it’s no big deal to me. I just hope that they can actually do something for her to relieve the pain.

I have the XBOX all hooked up. I’m using TVersity to stream movies/TV to the box and it was rather easy to set up.


The emergency visit really didn’t last all that long. They just poked her tooth and said “yea, you need a root canal”. And that was that.

Not that she was able to get one yesterday, her normal dentist would have to do that. Or at least, so we thought.

We saw her normal dentist this morning and they refered her to a specilist for tomorrow morning. So she has one more day of normal pain and then who knows how long for pst-root canal pain.

I’ve never had one, so I have no idea what it’s like, but it’s early tomorrow morning and I suspect she’ll be out of commission for the whole day. The upside is that I work from home so I can tend to her every need 🙂

Back to the Xbox, I’d really like the ability to ‘back up’ games to the hard drive to play them without the DVD, but I also don’t want to rip the damn thing apart and take the chance in killing it. If anyone has experience with this please let me know 🙂

My birthday was mostly spent at home tending to my poor Tara. She feels guilty about this, but I don’t mind it. These things happen.

I did get to go over to my folks and enjoy some Rubarb pie, and that was awesome! My mom makes the best pie.

Thanks to all of you on FaceBook that sent birthday wishes, and to everyone else as well 🙂

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  1. Centurion

    Hey Buddy, you have an avatar, so obviously you have the current 360 firmware.

    So, hit ‘y’ for options instead of ‘a’ for ‘play game’ on your My Xbox thingy, and select ‘install to harddrive.’

    Yes, you still need the disc in the drive to play, but it only hits the disc once, on load, to make sure you’ve actually got the disc. Then it’s smoooooth sailing.


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