End of Eva…..

Finally got around to seeing this.
Actually, I’ve only seen the first half since the connection between the DVD player and the computer is less than perfect. It makes it rather hard to watch. Too bad really, it’s a good setup.
That just means that I have to buy a TV when I move out, just to watch anime. ^_^
I’ll watch the rest tonight when my parents vacate the area. I have a feeling that they wouldn’t want to watch it.
I’m liking it so far, but as I said I’m only half-way through.Nothing new on the job front. But I’m probably going to visit Rich and Sarah on the last weekend in October. I have to ask them about their near death experience(CO poison).But that’s it for now.


  1. Darcy

    I won’t comment until you’ve made it to the end. Except to say, yeah, you’re probably right. Your parents probably don’t need to see that. ^^;

  2. aelfric televisionowner

    Oh come now, you own a tv. A mighty magnificent and melted one, but a tv nonetheless.

  3. Sidekick

    That’s true, but I’ve only seen it once over the last three years ^_^


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