End of the Week

Well, work wise it is.

I’m listening to possibly the worst presentation of a product ever. Everything is crashing, people have no idea what’s going on, and to top it all off, it’s really really boring.
But it’s a decent way to kill the day.

It has been a little stressful this week, but that’s all over with, all the fires are put out, and I can go home with a clean slate.

I have a Japanese class tonight and I always look forward to those. The teacher is so full of energy, and it’s just a joy to be in the class.
Plus, this being level 2, we’re learning how to say useful things.
Unlike level 1, where you would say things like, I’m eating pizza, or I’m going to eat pizza, we are now assembling more than one verb in a sentence, so we can say things like Let’s go out to eat some pizza.
Useful stuff really.

Plus she still shows videos at the end, always fun ^_^

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