Enough of Serious issues…

The last two posts have been rather serious ones, and for that I appolgize.
I have a feeling people don’t come here to see serious stuff, there’s libraries and video stores for that sort of stuff.I’m putting the finishing touches on version 15 of the website. It will FINALLY be viewable in 800×600!
I had a bit of a problem with the corner graphics in 8×6, so instead of resizing them, I’ve removed them for 8×6. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.
Also the site should load faster since I optimized most of the graphics.
I also have a cleaner CSS file, but that really means nothing.I think this weekend will be a good weekend to do the web site swap. I’m gonna try and download Mandrake 9.1 this week, swap out hard drives on the Linux box, install 9.1 and transfer all the page stuff over. I hope.
Now I just have to make sure that I don’t forget anything when I do the swap over.Anyway, stay tooned for new things. I hope to have a forum in one day, and maybe some other exciting content.Maybe.

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  1. matt

    Congrats on going for 9.1!
    It’s not bad (though I’m not using it for anything server related at the moment…).
    As to meatier subjects… it’s your site, post what you like. Not everything should be for public consumption (see my site! :-)).
    Let us know how things turn out!


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