—-start star trek geek rant—-
OK, just saw last nights (Wed) episode of Enterprise, and all I have to say is CHEAP!
I mean not only does this smack the face of continuity, but it’s such an obvious ratings grabber that it hurts!
Don’t get me wrong, I like the Borg, and I thought it was a cool episode, BUT WHY?
How does Star Fleet, who seems to have second-by-second records of EVERYTHING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED, loose ALL account of this ever happening?
OK, let me give you the run down (for those that missed it, there might be spoilers, but whatever).
1. All of a sudden they find this ‘alien’ wreckage strewn about the Artic. Then they find it’s been there for 100 years. Parts of the wreckage were over 50′ tall, HOW DO YOU MISS THIS STUFF???
2. It turns out to be Borg. Fine, that works with ‘First Contact’. Then they re-awaken (of course), assimilate everyone, and run away. Now, it’s not mentioned if they took ALL the wreckage with them, but it’s probably safe to say, since it was happening quickly, that they left SOME of it behind. Still no record of this happening in TNG by the way….
3. Enterprise gives chase. The Captin finds something (regarding ‘First Contact’) mentioning the Borg(this is also ‘forgotten’ by the time TNG rolls around).
4. Battles happen, things get blown up, but not before the Borg send a signal, the location of Earth, to somewhere in the Delta Quadrant (of course, where else?). This is noted somewhere and promptly lost I’m sure.
Now I’m sure these battle logs, medical logs, and all the other junk they collected durig this episode MIGHT have been useful to SOMEONE in TNG, but I guess they weren’t thinking that far ahead and put it in the ‘Deleted because this can’t possible be useful to someone in the future’ pile. Didn’t know Star Fleet had that pile, but it’s obvious that they do.And let’s not mention the continuity problems IN the episode itself.
Borg A get hit with Phaser once on low setting. Mildly annoyed. Gets hit again, has adapted with a shield. Even highest setting has no effect.
Borg B gets hit with modified phaser, gets killed. Borg C, D, E, F, G, H, I also get hit with same phaser, also gets killed.
Meanwhile, Borgs I though M get hit with same phaser on DIFFERENT ship have adapted with a shield. Well, not the first two in line, but all the others did.
Right.It’s obvious that the show needs ratings, but to throw the Borg in for no reason, not the best way to do it.
—-end star trek geek rant—-Kewl episode though. But I would have preferred more Klingons. That would have made more sense.Oh and Aelfric, the Tull download is going poorly, might be some time till I get it all.


  1. aelfric bemused

    Don’t people watch that show for one thing only? Isn’t it, in someone’s famous words (not mine!) ‘tittacular’? I wouldn’t know – I don’t get cable. Sigh.

  2. Darcy

    Actually, yes, I’ve said it myself: Enterprise *is* all about the nudity.
    I knew there was a reason.

  3. Darcy

    Okay, yeah, fanwank. (I missed it on Wednesday. I’ll probably catch it on SPACE tomorrow if I decide Simpsons is dumb this week).
    But I think by now, it should be obvious that the producers of Enterprise have pretty much thown continuity to the wind. It would be cool if it actually fit in to Star Trek continuity, but they’ve done so many things that just don’t.
    Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Continuity shouldn’t get in the way of a good story.
    I have a feeling, given all the time travel stuff, though, that all the continuity errors are going to get miraculously retconned away by the series finale. At which point, I’ll have to ask myself why I bothered to watch in the first place. 😛


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