Failed Patches

It seems that my attempts to patch Week.Suck to Week.NotSuck has already failed.
I wander home yesterday after work(which wasn’t bad, found this great pic on Fark) to find that the internet isn’t coming into my house.

I called them up, we did a little dance, and they said that the problem might be the modem, the line, or their servers.
Really, no random Dingos in there buggering things up, I thought that it might be a viable option?
He’s gonna escilate this to the level 2 folk, and they’ll call me back in 2-3 business days.
But not to worry, I can always use the dial-up account.
Right, but I’m kinda missing one critical component, a dial-up modem.

Then I get a call from Bell(remember that from last week?) and they leave a message.
I call them back, with the ref number, and apparently all they wanted to know is if I got my bill in the first place.
Yea, I did, and this is something that they knew since day 1. So what now?
Oh, just pay the bill and don’t worry about the letter stating that you ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED!

Uh huh…right.

I’m going to call them again when I get home, I don’t trust the shifty bastards.

I think I’m also going to call Magma when I get back, see if they’ve even looked into the issue.

So all that being said, not only do I have nothing to surf porn with, I also probably won’t be doing my show. This would be three weeks in a row.
Maybe someone is trying to tell me that I shouldn’t be on the air.

Maybe I’ll just do what others suggest and start a pod-cast. Sounds more fun anyway…

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