Father Son Day

It’s Friday, and it’s the first day that I get Liam pretty much all to myself.

The day started as most do, with Tara getting Liam up and my getting him a bottle. Switch on the cartoons and we’re good to go. As a bit of a twist, we drove Tara into work today so that she didn’t have to take the bus. Tara and the bus don’t get along. They tried, they were never able to work it out.

However, we left early and since traffic was pretty good, would have arrived at work stupid early, so a detour to Tim’s was needed. Coffee and timbits in hand, we sat in the parking lot and just chatted and munched. The Apple Cinnimon timbits really reminded me of Apple Jacks for some reason.

With Tara saftly at work, Liam and I headed home for breakfast. Traffic is always easy on the way back, so we got home in record time. Liam puttered in the living room while Daddy made pancakes and melon(didn’t so much make the melon as sliced it).

Both he and I gobbled them up and then made our way to the mall to return stuff that either wasn’t needed or fit properly. That’s the problem of buying jeans when the store is busy, it almost always results in a return trip. I should really know my own sizes better. I don’t.

Took Liam home for a nap. It was a busy morning and he was pooped. Our daycare provided says she just puts him on his back, gives him his bear and blanket, and walks away. Tara and I had tried this in the past to little success, so we just kinda stopped trying. Seems that, somewhere down the line, this is all he really needed, and he went down like a charm.

Then it was Daddy time. I really don’t remember what I did 🙂

I got the boy up for a snack and and play time, and then off to the hospitol to have lunch with Mommy. This served double duty as she got to show Liam off to all her co-workers. And as per usual, he was the cutiest kid ever! We ate in the new cafateria, and I have to say they’ve done wonders to the place. It looks modern and clean, and so much larger than the last one. Also, the food is great(unlike most).

Back home for a longer nap. The afternoon naps are really important these days. Otherwise he’s super cranky. And again he’s down for the count right quick.

Daddy time again. This time it’s toodling around on the computer, playing FF2(4) on the lappy, and doing some general tidying. I try to nap, but since the playpen doesn’t have a monitor, I found I really couldn’t get a decent sleep. That’s fine, sleep will come later 🙂

I got the boy up for more play time. We’re having a lot of fun these days just crawling around at break neck speed, climbing everything that can be climbed, and yelling at the vacume cleaner when it’s running. Not sure where that comes from, but still.

Our day ended when we went to pick up Mommy from the bus stop, and then it was family time.

Next week will be a little different. We’ll still have lunch with Mommy, but we’re also starting our swimming lessons. I think that’ll interfeer with the morning nap, but maybe I can move that around somehow. We’ll see how it works out 🙂

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