Feel like pimping my radio show?

Hey Norah,

This is all private like, but it might be faster than email(funny how that works).

Anyway, do you feel like doing some pimping for my radio show?
Like putting a shameless plug on your LJ?
You have more friends than I do, so it would hit a wider audience. ^_^

Then, when thousands of people tune in, I will officially be a “Force to be Reckoned With” instead of a “gentle breeze to be annoyed by”.

Nothing serious, something like:

Hey, my friend has a radio show on http://radio.reallifecomics.com.
You should listen, it’s goodish.
6-8pm EST Tuesdays.

See, something simple ^_^


  1. olletho

    Frankly I’ve been meaning to, but I keep remembering on the wrong day of the week.

    *sheepish grin* I have a couple of friends who are really into the old school metal and a few more into just plain totally random.

  2. sidekickca

    See, that fits me to, well, not a T, but maybe an R.
    Because it’s fun to say.

    Hmmm…mental note, less pepsi from now on.

    Any pimping is good pimping ^_^

    And don’t worry about forgetting the days. I was sitting in front of the computer last night, Jim walked by and said:
    “Oh yea, you have your show tonight!”
    “Try again…”
    “You have your show tomorrow night!”

    It would probably help if I pimped my own show some more ^_^

  3. olletho

    Yeah, it would be easier if I had a machine here that could listen to your show, but alas that is B’s laptop which is at the office and won’t be coming home till he does. Seeing as he is instaling Linux on it it might not even then.

    As for days of the week I had a great one with Jill my part time boss full time flake.

    Slightly paraphrased:
    “Can you come in Saturday, I have your cheque.”


    “Yes, Monday will be too late.”

    “But you haven’t had me in for nearly a week and now you want me in on Saturday? You know this is unusual right?”

    “You were here on Wednesday.”

    “No, Monday.”

    “I’m sure it was Wednesday.”

    “Jill I’m looking at my day timer, all I did then was feed cats, and they weren’t black so it wasn’t yours.”


  4. sidekickca

    But why is Monday too late?
    Will she run out of money by Monday? If so, I would ask for cash.
    Will she turn into a pumpkin on Monday? If so, I would demand a slice.

    Does your machine not have a soundcard?

  5. olletho

    Becuase she was shipping on Monday and behind on production…. so why didn’t she have me in Tuesday-Friday?

    And I don’t know if it has a sound card, it certainly doesn’t have speakers, also I don’t know the script to mount said sound card if it has it and also however B installed this version of Mozilla high functions of HTML just don’t work. Like Mapquest.

    So I just try not to get frustrated by not asking it to do anything complicated.

    This is also the laptop so fucked up the clock loses 15 minutes a day so it’s possibly for the best.

  6. sidekickca

    AH yes, I remember something about that laptop.
    Do you want old(ish) hardware that might actually be stable?
    I’m throwing a bunch of stuff out, and I could whip up a working system for you if you like(better than it going to waste)?
    Sound card and everything ^_^

    Won’t be the fastest thing in the world, but it should at least work.
    And it won’t be a laptop.

  7. olletho

    Yes I think I would like that very much. I have a computer with some newer bits (under 6 years old), but stable it wasn’t.

    I don’t know how I managed to make it unstable in so short a time from it’s rebuild. Maybe the motherboard is just too old and too Russian for it not to have ‘personality’. She said from the more stable laptop with the ailing clock.

    Also having now pimped your sow they are asking me questions…. ack! Well no, I think I have it under control but there was a moment of panic there.

  8. sidekickca

    Yea, I read that ^_^
    No, I’m not the guy that owns the comic.
    No, I’ve never met him. I talked to him once via email. It could have been a bot. It could have been someone else.
    We have a whole station that is mostly automated at the moment. Poorly.

    Sure, I’ll try and whip something up for you before your birthday ^_^


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