Fence Update

So I was told today that the co-op has decided to spend the extra cash and get the concrete removed from the fence posts.
Oh yea, they actually removed the fence posts finally.

They also say that it’s going to happen next week.
So the question is, do I believe them or start to work on my fence this weekend?
Waiting on them to do it will save me about $50 and 2 hours labor.

I think I’ll use the ‘better safe than sorry’ card and just go ahead and put in the posts this weekend.
Then I’ll put little signs that say “Don’t remove concrete from this section”. Knowing these contractors, that won’t be a problem because it’ll be less work.
This way I know it’s done, properly, and I’m willing to spend $50 on that.

Measured out the back stretch, and it’s about 35 feet, which is good because the fencing is sold in 50 foot bails.
That just means 6 main posts and 1 terminal post.
So, let’s say $200.
Not bad really.

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