That fence is looking more and more necessary.
Dog took herself for another walk this morning.
Worst part of course is that she failed to come back when called.
You can imagine how happy I was about that.

To quote: “Fun time is over!”

It’s rather obvious that she doesn’t acknowledge me as her master, so that’s going to have to change.
Nothing brutal or bad, just dominate.

I know, I should have done this some time ago, like during the training. But since her escape Sunday and again today, it’s really cemented in my mind.


  1. anonymous

    Hey, isn’t the idea that you:
    1) grab the dog by the throat (not to hurt, just a good grab)
    2) flip the dog onto their back
    3) hold it there, staring into it’s eyes, until it stops squirming
    4) let it go, but tell it to stay
    5) snarl at it if it tries to get up
    6) after a bit, tell it to get up
    7) ???
    8) profit!

    –centurion, the dog whisperer

  2. sidekick

    I suppose there are various methods to do this, and at first your’s sounds a little harsh, but then I realize that I was going to use the prong collar to do similar things, so it’s not all bad.

    Holy run on sentence Batman…

    I’ll start with walks. See, I let her walk ahead of me.
    That’s bad. But, it’s also convenient as she has a tendency to not pee or whatever, and that’s kinda the point of the walk. But maybe that’s only when she’s right at my side.

    I started doing all this, and this time keep it up. That’s where I failed the last time; consistency is key.

    That, and a fence would just be a good idea regardless.

  3. anonymous

    Well, the idea is, you want to integrate yourself into the pack hierarchy. And how does the alpha male dominate the lesser dogs? Pretty much by doing what I suggested, as I recall.

    –centurion, the dog whisperer

  4. packetfire

    “Establish dominance! Establish dominance!!!”

    Kiera is pretty much the same way, although I think in her case it’s becuase she’s just more interested in everything else around her.

  5. packetfire

    Gawd how “becuase” is starting to piss me off. I never type it right.

  6. packetfire

    I’d hate to see him when he shouts. 😉

  7. anonymous

    Hey, if it’s good enough for the kids, it’s good enough for a dog.

    –Centurion, alpha bitch


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