Went out to see My Super-Ex Girlfriend last night.
Not bad, but nothing special. As usual, I think the best scenes were in the trailers, so everyones seen them.

But I saw an add for a movie called Stranger than Fiction.
It’s about a fiction writer who just happens to be writing about a persons real life, and then the person starts to hear the narration. Looks rather good.
I only bring this up because it hits a long running day-dream of mine.
The idea is that fiction writers are actually tapping into an alternate reality(without knowing of course) instead of making up the stories/characters/etc. The daydream of course continues with me travelling into these realities and interacting with these characters.
Mostly it was a way to day-dream being on the set of Star Trek:TNG ^_^
But it’s kinda grown since then.

It was just funny seeing my day-dream basically become a movie.

Just saw the trailer for the TMNT movie for next year. All CG, looks very old school(original, not the Archie version).
All very serious except for the end, which is good because really, it’s a bunch of mutated turtles that are ninjas.
Not as bad as Adolescent Radioactive Black-belt Hamsters. Kinda wish I had more of those comics ^_^

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