Can’t authenticate through the work firewall, so no work for me.
I’m sitting at home in my office(which is also the toy room) and reading Wil Wheaton stuff on SuicideGirls.
Totally not safe for work.

Actually went out and played tennis last night. Mind you, it’s not like Tara and I are very good at it.
We just lobbed the ball over the net and tried to keep it in a straight line.
Almost never worked 😉
We found a court by ‘s parents place, and it wasn’t being used.
With the good weather, it was probably the only on in all of Ottawa that was vacant.
It was good to run around and play though.

Also waiting on some cell phone stuff from Hong Kong. Namly another batter and charger.
I think my current batter is a little pooched. Granted, it’s the same kind I’m replacing it with, but at least I’ll have two 🙂

And I’m waiting for the DSL modem to show up.
Not to mention a nice hat from LLBean(for the vacation, ball cap just isn’t doing it anymore).

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