First day at work

Wow, what a day.
Learned far too much in one day. Considering that I’ve been sitting on my ass for the last 10 months doing, nothing really, this was a bit of a shocker.
By Monday it should all sink in and everything will be as it should be.
The company itself is really great, nice people and free juice ^_^
Not to mention pizza lunchs on Friday(free).The job itself should be diverse enough to be challenging and interesting. Mind you, I could be lying, but I’m going to stick to my guns and make the best of this.
I have an office which I share with one other person, and I know the security code to get in and out of the main door(I feel special now).I might bring a toy in sometime next week to officially make the desk mine. Then again I might not. I’m going to play that one by ear. On my last desk I had too many toys(21 I think), but I didn’t do anything about them because no one ever said anything about them. I won’t do that with this job. One will be enough.
Or maybe I’ll rotate.Oh, and currently I can’t update my site from work. Hell, I can’t even SEE my site from work. It seems the firewall that’s in place doesn’t like http requests on ports other than 80, and since this server is running on 8000, well, no can see.
But I found this site where I can surf by proxy, and that allows me to at least see the site for free, and the charge that they have seems reasonable enough that I might pay it so I can actually POST to the site.Or maybe I won’t. Keeps me out of trouble that way.


  1. matt

    Hey, so what’s the gig with the GST number, etc? Private contract thing?
    Anyhow, free juice and pizza. That’s cool! Healthy too (well, recent studies are saying nasty things about pizza, but hey… ).
    To raise a good point, what becomes of the unemployment cam? I suppose it could become a ‘watch me while I sleep cam’… but that’s creepy (to say the least).
    Take ‘er easy!

  2. SideKick

    I’m thinking of buying a fish and putting the camera in front of the fish.Or, I can put the camera in front of a toy(a new one each day), but I’m thinking the fish idea is better.
    I could put the cam in front of the Bonzai tree that I’m growing…but that would be a little….slow…

  3. aelfric tired

    Sounds like you had fun.I was at work but not working today – 8 hour rehearsal for Jesus Chrysler SuperCar and then other stuff – and now I’m tired as a very tired thing that’s worked for a surprisingly long time and is now rather more tired than another, slightly less tired, thing.Yep.Keep us posted on the fish plans. You know I’d watch a fishycam.B.

  4. matt

    The only problem I see with the fishcam is that it’s a bad precedent, isn’t it?
    Didn’t Netscape have one of those when they were seriously in the browser market?
    Admittedly, if it goes well, you might have Netscape execs wishing that the cam was still around (actually, it might be…)
    Could do weekly installments of ‘Web Cam Theatre’ (with theme nights… like ‘Blow It Up!’ night (anything from fruit to balloons); ‘Strobe-Like Action-Figure Theatre’; etc.)
    The tough part would be to keep a stream of mindless, yet entertaining themes coming. Well, that and putting together an archive for posterity.
    Hey, the fish cam (originally typed that fist cam… sounds violent) could be the glue of sanity that holds it all together.
    (You’d need soundtracks too… lots and lots of soundtracks…)
    On another note… it’s perhaps a good idea that I seek out better uses for my time… It’s getting quite disturbing, isn’t it?

  5. Sarah

    Hey Bill! Congrats again! Hope you are enjoying your new job. We still on for this weekend?

  6. aelfric curious

    So, how’s it going? You’ve dropped off the face of the planet. We’re curious! We want to know! Updates! INFORMATION. WE WANT… INFORMATION.


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