I was gonna watch this tonight, and I did watch the first episode last night, but then I realized that the copies that I had(digi-sub) were terrible. All but episodes 1 and 6 had subtitles that were unreadable.
Irritating. I could have sworn that they were readable at one time…I guess not.
Oh well, I’ll just rent it all when it comes out. A little expensive for my taste to buy. I’m sure it’s well worth it, but for 6 episodes, I’m not gonna shell out $120….
Mind you, it’s not like I bought the Japanese versions…and paid twice that….if not more….like some people did….


  1. Darcy

    More. Probably 3x.
    No regrets. They came with a free poster.

  2. SideKick

    I suppose at this point free is a relative term ^_^
    But I have to admit, for all the bitching that I do here about anime prices, they’re a real bargain compaired to the original ^_^

  3. SideKick

    I saw the boxed set for season one, and once again you get a pretty box, the box isn’t worth the extra $100(US)!Not to mention I still can’t play it in my player.
    But $45/per for season 2…I thought the Japanese economy was in the shitter?


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