Fly Away

It’s funny, I had started writing an entry sometime this afternoon. But, that was at work, and I guess I never published ^_^

So this week has been weirdly long and short all at the same time. Every day felt like Friday, which sounds good, until you realise that you’re always at work on Saturday. That sucks.

Tomorrow I go to Kingston, then Sunday to Cuba.
While I’ve been trying to find contact info, I ran into a lot of different reviews. It’s funny how one resort can generate so many contrasting comments.
Some range from “vacation from hell” to “best time evar!”, all within the same month.
Oh well, we’ll see when I get there.

One thing that is universal is that I should go buy cheap shit to leave to the hotel staff. Simple things that I can pick up at the dollar store. I’ll go do that tomorrow.
Also, I’ll go in search of one of those money changing places. I want to have some useful cash on hand.
Must remember to write down which brand of cigars to buy.

OK, off to bed. I think I’m almost over this cold.

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