So this is the start of hopefully a weekly thing.
Free Music Friday!

I have 4 for you this week:

Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg
-Yes, as made famous(at least to me) on the first Metallica CD.
-It’s obviously a retake many years after the fact as it’s all nice and clean
-there’s this great little dig against Metallica in the song. It’s subtle, but it’s there
-wonder if it bothers Metallica? I’m sure they’re crying themselves to sleep on their pillows made of gold…

Chinchilla – The Almighty Power
-Possibly a little God rock, but still really good
-It’s good to have a good metal band with a real singer
-excellent eMusic find.

Gusto Extermination Fluid – Wound
-about time really. I’ve been looking for a good industrial band that isn’t just dance
-and this is it
-no lyrics to trip you up, just good sounds

Sky Eats Airplane – Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day
-this is what happens with metal fans play video games
-there’s a lot going on here, but it’s a lot of fun to listen to

So there you have it.
Oh, a password?

Yea, it’s to keep the general masses out of the link.


Really hard to remember I’m sure 😉

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