FMF Dec 14

Since Tara is leaving today for two weeks, I thought I’d post some sappy songs that aren’t necessarily sappy.

The Dammed – New Rose
-One of my favourite punk songs. Old school punk(well, it was new school when it was released)
-It’s the first time that I realized that a lot of punk songs were also love songs

Wrekless Eric – Whole Wide World
-The song that started the idea of learning the guitar for Tara
-It’s really simple but also touching
-Showcased it’s power in Stranger than Fiction
-And while I did see the movie, I forgot about it before starting to learn it, I SWEAR!
-The Original Video
-And for fun, the Proclaimers doing it

Elvis – Can’t Help Falling in Love
-Also easy to learn
Tabs here
-The nice part is that you can slow the song down on guitar and it still sounds great

Proclaimers – 500 Miles
-More Proclaimers
-Excellent song, hard to find the guitar part that sounds right, so I dropped it

And now that that’s over with, on to fun!

Metal group doing anime op/ed songs.
I have a selection of giant robot songs, all Go Nagi like.

I think the idea is that they kinda blend into each other.
So download them all!

And that’s it for this week.

Oh, this was all done in Linux.

Login – FreeMusic
Passw – Friday

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  1. olletho

    The Proclaimers make me happy.

    I think it’s the totally unbelievability of someone singing in a thick aberdeen accent!


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