Java exam is over, and I think I did better than I thought I would.
Initially it looked like it was close book, but then about 20 minutes into it he mentioned that we could use any source we wanted, and I did.
That made it a little easier.
I know I didn’t get 100%, but I should be able to pass this course with a decent mark(no, no A+, unless he just passes everyone with that mark).
But now my evenings are free to do whatever I want.
OK, who am I kidding, my evenings have ALWAYS been free to do whatever I want, but at least this time there’s no guilt about not doing stuff that I should have been doing, and paying money for for that matter.That reminds me.
I’ve been a little worried as of late about my failing ability to focus on things. It’s not like I can’t see things(wrong focus…sorta), but I just seem to have an ever decreasing attention span. The only games that can interest me are the FPS, and over the last 10 months I’ve watched more TV than I care to comment on.
Because of this, things just haven’t been getting done!
I don’t know what those things are, but I’ve been neglecting them non the less.
So, next month, I’m doing the unthinkable. I’m not gonna watch TV.
For a month.
A WHOLE month.
Yup, no TV for me.
For a month.
In saying this, I hope to at least get more reading done.
Among other things.Now don’t get me wrong, what this doesn’t exclude is watching movies on a TV, or anime, or other stuff, just not cable broadcasts.I have a feeling I’ll finally get around to watching all that Anime I downloaded ^_^It’s a bold step for me, but I think I can do it. I just hope I don’t end up hurting someone….


  1. Baron

    Well this will be funny to see how long you last on this one. Shouldn’t have you picked a shorter month to try your little TV experiment?

  2. matt

    From the peanut gallery…
    I don’t have cable (we get CJOH via the miracles of airborn signal); however, I still find that I have no attention span… I can hardly carry on a conversation anymore.
    Once I get rid of the ‘net, then we’ll be good. Problem is… it’s not likely to happen.
    I remember life before constant computing … Well, okay I don’t… it’s not that it’s not there… it’s just that I can’t remember anything anymore either.
    Scary, isn’t it?

  3. matt

    Didn’t realize that impatience would make me twice as loud…
    Sorry about that.

  4. aelfric understanding

    Well I went to bed last night before Law and Order was over – it’s not that I’m not interested it’s just… actually, I’m not interested. I can’t care much about stuff on TV. So maybe it’ll have the same effect. Oh and blagh. Blagh blagh blagh. Be glad you didn’t have me marking – I’m going to give everybody an F now.

  5. Olletho

    You’ll find more get up and go now that you are working, trust me.


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