WOOHOO Friday!
Not that it’s any different for me, but others out there might like to know that it’s Friday.
And then again, some may not.
It’s Friday the 31st, and that has to mean it’s a good day. Because Friday the 13th is bad….you get the idea.
Right, anyway, It’s Friday, and I haven’t updated since Wednesday.I played Final Fantasy 9 again last night, and got my ass kicked.
I might try again today. And then maybe I won’t.I sold Medal of Honor back to EB last night for $23. And since I bought the game for $35, that wasn’t too bad. And of course I made a copy before I sold it.I had a hard time explaining to Doug as to why I shouldn’t sell the original game and buy the expansion pack(which requires the original) in the same transaction. He got it eventually. It was funny.
Besides, I don’t know if the expansion is worth it. At $35, I got 30 missions. And at $30, I get 9. Doesn’t seem right.Might go see a movie tonight. Don’t know what’s playing.Should continue looking for work. Might have some project work from an ISP in Muskoka. Don’t know what that means exactly, but work is work, and web work is fun ^_^
I’ll let you know what happens with that.Well, should go and pretend to do stuff.

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  1. aelfric the fridayfree

    Heyo.Well I for one had this fine Friday off – had lunch with Chris, picked up an amp, got some switching gear (didn’t realize I need the other frenobulator) and now I’m settling in for some serious internet trolling. Etc. Where the hell is Muskoka anyway? I know where the Muskokas are, but is Muskoka an amputated version? Or the throbbing heart of the Muskokas? Or the fungy brown residue left over when you boil the Muskokas for a while?Over and out.


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