Friday Zombie

That would be my nephew watching Baby Einstein.

Tara and I were asked to babysit tonight. We walked in and for some reason Simon started to bawl(didn’t think I was that ugly).
Nothing could console him, so my brother hit the magic button on the TV, Baby Einstein popped on, and instantly, and I mean within milliseconds, Simon was fine.

I’ve seen reactions like this in the past, but they all involved heroin and coke addicts.

It was scary how quick and effective this was.

And he couldn’t take his eyes off it. No matter how we twisted and turned him, he was still watching.
Hell, at one point we had him upside down, and he was still watching.

I wonder if there’s some sorta sound wave that only babies can hear coming out of that stuff?

A wonder I tells ya.


  1. packetfire

    How’s that Blog365 thing coming along? 😉

  2. sidekickca

    Check the archive, haven’t missed* a day yet 😛

    *may include back-dated posts which are kinda legal since I MEANT to post on that day…double 😛


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