Hi all, it’s Friday.

Still trying to get rid of the blackberry without taking too much of a hit on it.
I’m now selling it for what I bought it for, even though I’ve added a usbcable(which I just happened to have anyway).
Oh well.

That money is going towards ‘the project’, which is kinda stalled, but not out of steam 😉
That might change today. Or might not, it depends.
Update – looks like it’s changing for the good ^_^

Anyway, we might go out and see FF tonight, or not. I’ll find out later today.
I like going out.

Sadly, Tara is up to her eyeballs in school work.

I think they turned off the AC in here. I might just continue from home where I have a ceiling fan.
Yes, I think that’s the order of the day.

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