Because I sometimes have troubles getting started with this stuff, I’ve now turned to random stuff. Frogman is pretty random.

It also reminds me of Liam. We took him swimming for the first time in the spring. It wasn’t a long swim, but it was fun. It took some time for Liam to warm up to it, but he soon found his water legs. The next time it was a different pool. Took a little less time to warm up to it. The third time, it was a public swim(more people) and he was pretty nervous for most of it. Then, with about 15 minutes left, he just opened up. He was splashing, screaming, and just having a ton of fun. After that, anytime near the water he just loves it.

So, naturally, we enrolled him in swimming. Every week we would head to the pool and spend 30 minutes in the water. There he would float on his back, his front and (his favourite) jumping into the pool. We had a ball. And everyone at the pool knew, that with his squeals of delight and his near constant splashing, he was having the time of his life.

But just like that, it was over. But I don’t think we’ll stop it. It might not be every week, but I think we’ll try to hit the pool as often as we can.

Next to walking, I think he likes this activity the most.

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